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oh hey, I'm Jade, Social media marketer & blogger. AND i'm SO GLAD YOu'RE HERE.

I quit my high flying corporate job to join the world of online entrepreneurship. Now I spend my days doing what I love, and I show other people how to do the same. I'd love for you to follow along. Enjoy exploring my site!



Exploring The Big Easy (New Orleans) Unlike it’s name would suggest, I didn’t find it all that easy being in the Big Easy. Have you ever booked a trip to a place just because everyone else was talking about how good it was, so it made you want to see it too? Well that’s what […]

Get to know Little Havana No I didn’t go to Cuba today (I wish), I ventured to a little section of Miami known as Little Havana and I was part of a small group tour that gets to experience it like a local. Little Havana is home to many Cuban immigrants (as well as many […]

Staying at Miami Beach If you haven’t been to Miami, I suggest you do, furthermore I suggest you stay around Miami Beach. Before booking my holiday I didn’t actually know what to expect. I just chose Miami because I know lots of people come here, I loved the look of Miami Beach, and it was […]

How Europe Shaped My Life Today I want to share a more personal story, a story about when travel really became a part of me, a story about how Europe shaped my life. Maybe some of us were just born to travel… I was reading an article recently that talked about this ‘wanderlust gene’. Basically, […]

Here’s to another cross off the bucket list – Boracay Island (Number 23 & 83) A few months back I posted my bucket list so I could hold myself accountable and let you all know as I tick things off. Recently I crossed off another few items with a beautiful trip to Boracay Island. This morning I got […]

My night in Kuala Lumpur and why I’m screaming to get me out. I hardly even stepped foot into Kuala Lumpur and already I wanted out. Big cities are not my thing. They’re so busy, generally dirtier, full of skyrise buildings, and have way too many people! Having to fight your way through crowds is […]

So I know you’re wondering why someone would travel from Australia to New Zealand and only stay a weekend?

This was a business trip!

That’s right, as part of my new online venture I now get to mix work with travel, and pretty soon this is going to become my full time lifestyle. Pretty incredible right?!

Up in the air, I fly, zoom zoom a zoom a zoom zoom Did you ever hear that song as a kid? It’s funny the things that stick with us, some simple and random words, yet every time I’m on an aeroplane I find myself singing ‘Up in the air, I fly, zoom zoom zoom..’ […]

This post completely got me (I’ve said that many times before). From the type of holiday I want, to the specific places suggested, it was scarily accurate. A trip to discover ancient ruins and ancient mysteries of the occult or walking an ancient trail – umm YES!

Wandering – My Five Must See Places I’ve touched on some of the travel destinations I really want to go to in previous posts but this time I’m going to provide more detail on my five must see places. 1.  Scandinavia – Finland, Norway & Sweden When  I was a kid I thought Scandinavia was a cool […]

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