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Sunshine Coast & Beyond. 

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oh hey, I'm Jade, Social media marketer & blogger. AND i'm SO GLAD YOu'RE HERE.

I quit my high flying corporate job to join the world of online entrepreneurship. Now I spend my days doing what I love, and I show other people how to do the same. I'd love for you to follow along. Enjoy exploring my site!



Exploring The Big Easy (New Orleans) Unlike it’s name would suggest, I didn’t find it all that easy being in the Big Easy. Have you ever booked a trip to a place just because everyone else was talking about how good it was, so it made you want to see it too? Well that’s what […]

A look at Wynwood Art District Quirky, colourful, a wondrous sight for all tastes. The Wynwood Art District in Miami is such a cool spot, not just a place to showcase art, it’s full of trendy bars, shops and cafes and attracts a large crowd. I would highly recommend anyone who is spending a few […]

Get to know Little Havana No I didn’t go to Cuba today (I wish), I ventured to a little section of Miami known as Little Havana and I was part of a small group tour that gets to experience it like a local. Little Havana is home to many Cuban immigrants (as well as many […]

Key West – The Southernmost Point of the U.S. Today I visited Key West, the cutest little city. Remember me saying last night how I needed sleep as I had to be up early? Well, my alarm went off and not thinking, I turned it off.  I had only intended to lay in bed for […]

Miami Beach Beauty You guys wouldn’t have realised this yet as this is the first time my blog has been set up while I’m on a holiday, but I LOVE taking travel photos, and Miami Beach was definitely a great place to do this. I love capturing beautiful moments, different cultures, beautiful scenery, stuff that’s […]

Staying at Miami Beach If you haven’t been to Miami, I suggest you do, furthermore I suggest you stay around Miami Beach. Before booking my holiday I didn’t actually know what to expect. I just chose Miami because I know lots of people come here, I loved the look of Miami Beach, and it was […]

Come on a walk through Nashville So after three flights (11 hours from Perth to Doha, 16 hours from Doha to Los Angeles & 4 hours from Los Angeles to Nashville),  about an extra 10 hours waiting in various airports, and crossing over I don’t know how many different time zones, I finally made it […]

Exploring Esperance As you can see, I fell in love with Esperance. Everywhere you turned the scenery was just incredible. From rugged bushland, to harsh red dirt, to the most beautiful blue-green beaches with pristine white sand. I’ve read plenty of articles about WA having some of the best beaches in the world, and I’ve […]

Waking Up In Esperance What a wonderful experience it is to wake up on your own secluded beach, Esperance sure delivered the goods. But it wasn’t all sunshine and roses… I always imagined sleeping on a beach would be the most comfortable camping experience, you wouldn’t need a mattress or lots of blankets because the […]

Off the Beaten Track in Esperance Esperance is amazing, until you find yourself a little off the beaten track… Have you ever tried to pitch a tent in the pitch black? Well let me tell you, it’s not very easy at all! Hope you’ve all had a great week. Sorry for my recent silence, I had […]

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