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oh hey, I'm Jade, Social media marketer & blogger. AND i'm SO GLAD YOu'RE HERE.

I quit my high flying corporate job to join the world of online entrepreneurship. Now I spend my days doing what I love, and I show other people how to do the same. I'd love for you to follow along. Enjoy exploring my site!



A New Beginning Life is full of surprises. Have you ever heard the saying, ‘when one door shuts, another one opens’? Well it’s so true, but up until now, I didn’t realise just how powerful a new beginning could be. I was always scared of opportunities closing, when I didn’t like something anymore I thought […]

I was watching this video yesterday and it really called out some major flaws in humans. We are so conditioned to routine and conforming that when we are presented with opportunities, they could be staring us right in the face and we wouldn’t even notice. How scary is that? Take this wild bear analogy for instance. […]

Today I want to inspire you think about what you would invest in your future. How much time do you think is too much to invest in your future, in building a lifetime of happiness? 4 days 4 weeks 4 months 4 years Whenever I speak to people one of the first questions they ask is […]

Set Yourself Free From Labels Here’s a brief insight into how I’m doing just that, getting free from labels. So I’ve decided to set myself a little challenge, because as I’ve said before, it’s so important to get out of your comfort zone and try new things, no matter how big or small they are. […]

Go on and live free. Today I want to really inspire you to chase your dreams and go after your freedom. No-one is more deserving of freedom than you, as long as you believe this, it can become your truth to live free. Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the […]

Here’s some benefits of waking up early. Since starting up my online business I’ve been waking up early, actually a lot earlier. I knew I needed to make more time in my day to be able to dedicate to building my future, and actually found the transition super easy. So easy in fact, I don’t […]

Learn about our Freedom-preneur movement. A freedom-preneur is a number of things, it has a different meaning to every different person, and that’s it’s true beauty. Recently I’ve been pondering on just how lucky I am to have stumbled across such a wonderful opportunity. I’ve been banging on about this freedom lifestyle for a  while […]

Are you conscious of what keeps you up at night? If I asked you what your number one stress was, the worry that stops you from sleeping, what keeps you up at night, what would your answer be? Yesterday, I had to go to a Professional Development session where there was presentations by economists and property […]

It’s super important to take time out to enjoy the little things. Something I’ve come to realise recently is how much happier I get over simple pleasures, when you stop and enjoy the little things you find yourself being far more appreciative of life. watching the sun rise from my bedroom window watching the sun […]

Ohhh summer. How I love summer days. Yesterday was one of those days where I was just so happy. I love summer days. It’s a hot week at home with highs of 42 degrees celsius and lowest being 37 degrees celsius (summer has finally decided to show up properly). Why am I so happy about […]

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