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Sunshine Coast & Beyond. 

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oh hey, I'm Jade, Social media marketer & blogger. AND i'm SO GLAD YOu'RE HERE.

I quit my high flying corporate job to join the world of online entrepreneurship. Now I spend my days doing what I love, and I show other people how to do the same. I'd love for you to follow along. Enjoy exploring my site!



Ever since I was a little girl, the World Cup has been a huge part of our family. Coming from an Italian background it’s no wonder it’s such a big thing for us. Having qualified for basically every tournament except 1958 and winning 4 separate titles we’re one of the most successful nations in World […]

Some people are obsessed with celebrities, other people are obsessed with sports stars. Me, I’m more into influencers. What’s an influencer you may ask? Let’s talk in terms of social media. They are users who have established credibility in a specific niche and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach online. Basically […]

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when they decide to work online is telling themselves they don’t have enough time. This kind of attitude is already creating a defeated mentality. One where it’s ok to give up on your goals. But that’s not ok, because everyone deserves to achieve their goals. So […]

The best thing about moving to a new state is having so many new places to explore and I definitely think we hit the jackpot with the Sunshine Coast. So far every place we go to just gets better and better. And this week’s adventure to Moreton Island and Tangalooma Wrecks was no different. You’ll […]

It’s a long weekend here in the Sunny Coast and naturally that means adventure time. With so many new places surrounding us it can be hard to narrow our choices down to just one place. So we settled on the Great Beach Drive from Noosa to Rainbow Beach. This long stretch of beach is only […]

As if arriving in the Sunshine Coast and finally being reunited with my boyfriend wasn’t enough, he planned a lovely first day experience for me. Starting with a trip to the Buderim Forest Waterfall Walk. Anyone who knows me would understand how much I appreciate a good waterfall. And for some reason I’ve always travelled […]

Did you know I turn 30 this year…. and I’m only just moving out of home?! That’s right, I’m moving to the Sunshine Coast. I think my parents still don’t really believe it. There’s been many times when I’ve been close to taking the plunge but never followed through. There was the time I was […]

When mum asked me to go check out the Raeburn Orchards I had no idea what she was talking about. So I immediately turned to Instagram and after a few minutes of stalking I knew we had to go check out the Raeburn Orchards Persimmon Festival. I was mesmerised by the colours and had to go […]

After 29 years of living in Perth, I finally got my a$$ into gear and attended an ANZAC Day dawn service. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years but in recent times I’ve either been too hungover, still up partying from the night before, or just plain lazy. I’ve also never had anyone to […]

Albany is the oldest city in Western Australia, and one of the most beautiful coastal spots I’ve visited. This city is part of the amazing rainbow coast and is home to some of the best beaches I’ve ever seen. But beaches aren’t the only things to do in Albany. The city centre has some undesirable […]

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