Buderim Forest Waterfall Walk - A Balanced and Beautiful Walk
Buderim Forest Waterfall Walk

May 23, 2018

As if arriving in the Sunshine Coast and finally being reunited with my boyfriend wasn’t enough, he planned a lovely first day experience for me. Starting with a trip to the Buderim Forest Waterfall Walk.

Anyone who knows me would understand how much I appreciate a good waterfall. And for some reason I’ve always travelled to Asia to find them. But today I learnt we have places just as beautiful right in our own backyard. Something I’m beginning to realise so much more these days.

Hidden on 45 hectares on the northern side of Buderim is a secluded rainforest paradise.

Inside this  paradise you’ll be greeted by lush, tall trees, beautiful ferns, babbling waterfalls, cascades, and an array of wildlife.

From the moment you step foot out of your car you feel the coolness in the air and you’re instantly transported to a world of tranquility and peace. I assume it might be slightly less peaceful on a weekend when it’s packed with visitors. But thankfully our weekday adventure meant we had this gorgeous place all to ourselves.

Completing the Buderim Forest Waterfall Walk

This is a walk suitable for all ages and fitness types. Having only landed last night I couldn’t find my hiking shoes so even managed to do it in thongs (flip flops for any non Aussies reading this).

The walk involves wooden bridges, some light rock climbing (some parts are slippery but not too bad) and a few flights of stairs. Nothing too strenuous. There’s a few different waterfall points and lots of gorgeous views.

My advice, take it slow and really take everything in. We often rush though life and don’t stop to appreciate the beauty that’s around us.

This is what I love about getting immersed in nature. It’s truly a chance to connect with yourself and your surroundings. To be present and appreciate the beauty of this world we live in.

Getting to Buderim Forest Waterfall Walk

Whatever you do, don’t count on Siri. For some reason she leads you to a dead end and according to a local we stopped and asked, this happens every day.

There’s two entries you can look for, we chose the lower Lindsay Road entry. So just type that street name into your map and you won’t have any issues finding it. You’ll come to a large carpark over looking a grassy park area with barbecues and picnic tables. And at the end of the road you’ll find a wooden boardwalk which is where your waterfall walk begins. Keep following the trail and you can’t really go wrong.

Should you swim?

A few people commented on my Instagram images asking if you can swim here. Like most places in Australia, the council has advised not to swim. But I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t. It’s fresh, calm water. There’s no risk of being pulled along strong currents as the water is quite contained in pools surrounded by rocks. The only risk I could see was stubbing your toes or scratching yourself on rocks, and I guess not being able to see exactly what’s at the bottom. But aside from

Frankly it was a little too cold for me. I was tempted to go in just because I love immersing myself in fresh water, but I dipped my feet a little and it was icy cold.

Once you feel like you’ve had enough of the forest and falls you can easily get back out along the same path you followed in. Please remember to respect our flora and fauna by taking any rubbish away with you.

And I hope you have a wonderful experience at the Buderim Forest Waterfall Walk.

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