Choosing Your Brand and Making It The Most Effective
Choosing Your Brand

June 22, 2016

The Importance of Choosing Your Brand

By now you know your why, and you’ve chosen an online business model that is going to help you achieve that. Next you need to start thinking about choosing your brand. When you work online it’s important to position yourself as a figure of authority and make sure people see you being consistent, the focus shouldn’t be all about the product you’re promoting, people want to get to know you. Plus, by establishing your own brand, it gives you freedom to promote different opportunities if you choose.

So here’s some tips for choosing your brand…


– This comes back to knowing your why.
– Also think about what makes you unique.
– Define your values.
– Always stay true to yourself and be honest and consistent in your messaging.


– Not everyone is going to be the right candidate to be your customer, that’s ok.
– You want to attract people you can connect with, generally they’re like you.
– Keep in mind these questions when thinking about your customers:
1. What do they believe?
2. What do they want?
3. What moves them?
4. How do they think?
– Basically you want to know what problems they have, and how you can provide a solution that’s of value to them.


– What do you love and what are you passionate about? Target niches where you’ll find people you can relate to.


– I am Australian, I love to travel, and I started to work online so I could have more freedom to travel.
– my primary customer is someone like me, someone who is sick of the 9-5 and loves to travel but needs a way to fund their adventures.
– my primary niche is working online and travel.
– So I came up with the brand name Aussie Adventuress.
– All my social media accounts are in this name so the brand is consistent.
– I have a Facebook group called Adventure-preneurs tribe because I want to attract adventurous travel types who want to work online to have more freedom.

Hopefully these few tips have given you a bit of an idea on where to start when it comes to choosing your brand.

Good luck!

Jade xo

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