Miami Beach and Beyond – A Gallery

April 27, 2016

Miami Beach Beauty

You guys wouldn’t have realised this yet as this is the first time my blog has been set up while I’m on a holiday, but I LOVE taking travel photos, and Miami Beach was definitely a great place to do this.

I love capturing beautiful moments, different cultures, beautiful scenery, stuff that’s different to what you see at home. And I love going home and sharing my 1000’s of photos with my family and friends, but now I’ve got a blog I figured a better way to share would be to post them as I go so you can share the experience with me.

So here you go….this is my condensed set of photos from today.

Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Miami Beach 1 Miami Beach 2 Miami Beach 3 Miami Beach4 Miami Beach5 Miami Beach6 Miami Beach7 Miami Beach8 Miami Beach9 Miami Beach10 Miami Beach11 Miami Beach13  Miami Beach14  Miami Beach15 Miami Beach16 Miami Beach17 Miami Beach18 Miami Beach19 Miami Beach20 Miami Beach21 Miami Beach22 Miami Beach23 Miami Beach24 Miami Beach25

Ok, now it’s really bed time.


Jade xo

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