I’m At Miami Beach…

April 27, 2016

Staying at Miami Beach

If you haven’t been to Miami, I suggest you do, furthermore I suggest you stay around Miami Beach.

Before booking my holiday I didn’t actually know what to expect. I just chose Miami because I know lots of people come here, I loved the look of Miami Beach, and it was close to Nashville.

I’m not one that really stays up to date with celebrities so I didn’t realise it’s such a high flyer destination – so many celebrities have homes here and so many movies have been shot here.

That’s not what has made me fall in love with it, although passing Millionaire’s Row made it a lot easier to visualise the type of home I want to live in once I’m fully free.

No, I’ve fallen in love with the vibrance, the colours of the buildings, the passion of the people, the beautiful beaches and bays, the food, the nightlife (not that I’m actively participating but I can hear it from my room and that’s enough).

When I left Nashville yesterday I was so sad to say goodbye to my little family, and even sadder knowing they were all going back to their loved ones, and I was heading to a new place where I would be by myself again.

I didn’t venture out anywhere yesterday as I arrive at 4pm and after a super pumped up weekend, I just wanted to spend more time working on my business so I ordered in room service and had a night in.

When I got a call from a random number this morning and was advised the bike tour I had pre-booked was cancelled, I was slightly nervous. Now I was actually going to be alone and have to try navigate my way around this big city. I planned to just grab a map and wing it, but when my concierge gave me the map and highlighted just how big and far apart everything was, I realised I wasn’t going to be able to cover enough ground just walking, so I booked a bus tour.

The bus tour gave me the opportunity to see beautiful places and get beautiful overhead views of the city skyline so I got some killer photos. And once I’d seen everything I wanted to see by bus, I got off at the Ocean Drive stop and headed down to Miami Beach, but first I stopped for lunch (and a cocktail) – it always seems to be happy hour here.

Lunch was one of those rare moments when you meet someone that makes an impact in your life. Although this is happening a lot more often since I started my online journey. I was sitting at a different table but facing another young girl and we ended up catching eyes and talking. We decided to move tables and eat together and we ended up spending hours together and planning another catch up before I leave. She’s from Russia and speaking to her really cemented my reasons for doing what I’m doing. The way she spoke about the struggles people in her country face, and her reasons for being here for a few months, made me want to help them, and now I know I can, and I’ve found my true calling.

After lunch I headed to the beach, since you can’t really come to Miami and not check it out. It was so cool, packed with people and buzzing with activity, and the touch I loved the most was that it’s separated into sections based on where it’s positioned compared to Ocean Drive, and each street has it’s own little lifesaver point which is a cabin type building that is decorated differently as well as food & drink vendors in their own cabins. It was really cool. Then I ventured on to Ocean Drive and it gets even better with the Art Deco district being so cool and seeing those buildings made me feel like I stepped back into that era.

Like anywhere, you encounter some interesting characters along the way, and Miami is no different. This morning while waiting for my bus I saw a few colourful characters. The ones that stood out were this older man sitting on a bench at the bus stop and yelling randomly at passersby, one woman yelled back as she was passing by but nothing bad happened (it was just interesting from an outsiders perspective), then there was a guy that came and asked me for money to buy food because he’d just been shot (his arm was bandaged up and he seemed fine) – I felt bad for not helping him after but I was too shocked by what he said and then he was gone, and then there was two really high/drunk guys stumbling around – they actually scared me a little because they were so totally out of it and at that point I was wondering why I’d come here but this all happened at the bus stop and after that my day was perfect, so I guess that’s just a bad stop and I won’t be heading back there.

All in all I had a wonderful day, I had another night in and have managed to stay up past midnight again but I have to be up early for a tour tomorrow morning so I’m definitely going to call it a night now.

Speak soon.

Jade xo

P.S. Check out my Miami photo gallery in the next post.

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