Wouldn't It Be Nice To Be A Lady Of Leisure?
Lady of Leisure

April 15, 2016

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a Lady of Leisure?

So this was my first week out of work and it’s flown by. I mean, I’ve basically gone an entire week without even writing one blog post. **shock horror** So I’m a lady of leisure now?

Well not exactly. Just because I’ve been having fun, doesn’t mean I haven’t been working hard. I’ve re-branded my blog, upped my marketing strategy, and started packing for my US adventure. Not to mention various lunch dates, coffee dates, and dinner dates with girlfriends. Even though I’m working, I feel like a lady of leisure.

I’ve finally got to be like the ladies of leisure. A lady in full control of her time. Planning catch ups with whoever I want, whenever I want, and fitting my work schedule around my life, not the other way around.

This week has been incredible and it’s just the start of things to come.

I got so much done in my business, and I also managed to catch up with two great friends (who I actually met through work) that I’ve been meaning to catch up with for so long, but busy work schedules kept getting in the way. They were both the perfect catch ups, you know those ones where you talk for hours without realising how much time has passed, neither of you watching the clock because you don’t have to rush off anywhere. Both occasions were pure bliss. We’re all starting new phases of our lives and being able to catch up and share where we’re at was so fulfilling.

When I’m not jet-setting around the world, these are the types of moments I live for. Precious moments spent with genuine friends.

I just had to write about this because of how grateful I’m feeling right now. A friend of mine shared some rough news about her brother-in-law this week and it really made us all stop and think about how precious life is. It can be short, it can be cruel, it can be long, it can be amazing.  We all have ups and downs, but the most important thing is that we spend as much time as possible doing what we love, and we stay positive, thankful, and grateful even when times are tough and it seems like we can’t catch a break. I truly am grateful for everything that’s happening in my life right now and I just wanted to share so I can hopefully inspire you to find something to be grateful for as well.

Much love and abundance.

Jade xo

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