Waking Up In Esperance

April 6, 2016

Waking Up In Esperance

What a wonderful experience it is to wake up on your own secluded beach, Esperance sure delivered the goods.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and roses…

I always imagined sleeping on a beach would be the most comfortable camping experience, you wouldn’t need a mattress or lots of blankets because the soft, white sand would just mould to your body shape and you’d have the best sleep.

Boy, was I wrong!

I was so excited to finally be sleeping on the beach for the first time, but unfortunately it wasn’t quite as imagined.

Due to the rain, the sand had become damp and hard and was not at all moulding to our bodies. We had a few layers of blankets underneath us, but not enough to make it comfortable. Not only that, but the tent was soaked, although it was waterproof and the rain wasn’t actually getting inside, if you accidentally touched the sides you would get wet because of the dampness from the rain.

To be honest, none of that really mattered. I was in Esperance, on a beautiful beach in the middle of nowhere camping with my favourite person. I hadn’t seen him for a few weeks because he’s been working in Kalgoorlie so seeing him for his birthday weekend was a big deal, and to us that’s all that mattered.

And, waking up to the incredible view in the morning, made us forget everything we went through the previous day.

It was absolutely stunning!

Esperance 18

Now had it been up to Freddie we probably would’ve stayed in the tent attempting to sleep for a few more hours, but there was no way I was going to miss a beautiful sunrise on a secluded beach. Not to mention an early morning swim to refresh myself.

Thankfully he hadn’t had the greatest sleep either and didn’t see himself getting anymore, so he was up for getting up. The others were still sleeping so it was just us exploring the beach and dunes and it was amazing.

My words won’t do it justice. I’m not even sure my photos will do it justice. But here’s some of what we saw.

Esperance 19 Esperance 20 Esperance 21 Esperance 23 Esperance 24

Imagine swimming in that calm, clear water and being the first and only person in there. It was one of the most revitalising experiences I’ve had. I could’ve stayed in there for hours, aside from the fact it was freezing, but I didn’t want to admit that to Freddie haha.

Once I was done with my swim we decided to go exploring the dunes. We saw so much beauty over those crisp white hills, and even encountered some kangaroos.

Esperance 25

Esperance 26 Esperance 27

Esperance 28 Esperance 29

While we were having fun in the dunes we didn’t realise a ranger was heading over to our campsite, as we walked over the top of one of the hills we could see him chatting to our other two friends who were now up, and it didn’t look good. We decided to wait until the ranger had left before we approached.

Turns out he was pretty reasonable and just told us to pack up our stuff and get rid of the fire so we got off without a $2000 fine. This day was definitely shaping up to be a good one.

The sky was clear, we weren’t in trouble, and we had plenty of time to explore.

We all went for a quick dip (the water was warmer now the sun was shining), got dressed and headed off to enjoy our day.

Much Love

Jade xo

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