How to be More Competent and Confident
How To Be More Competent and Confident

March 16, 2016

Learn to be more competent and confident

Have you ever heard of the four stages of competence, otherwise quite simply put as the learning process? Today I want to teach you how to become more competent and confident.

Basically there are four stages you go through at any time when you are learning something new and this can be applied at any stage of life.

I want to share these with you as they are quite relevant to a bigger topic I want to discuss tomorrow, a formula for success at anything you desire.

So the four stages go like this:

Unconscious Incompetence

You don’t know what you don’t know.

eg. babies who are completely unaware of what’s going on in the world. They don’t know they don’t know these things and they are blissfully unaware of this.

Same could go for me before I stumbled across my online business opportunity. I was totally unaware this world even existed but I didn’t know it existed so I had no idea I didn’t know about it, because at that point there was nothing for me to know about.

You probably think I sound totally crazy but this is a real thing haha.

Conscious Incompetence

This is when you become consciously aware that something exists but you know you don’t know what to do. It’s when you’re just getting started and trying to learn.

As babies grow they become consciously aware of things they should be doing but they don’t know how to do them. They need guidance to head in the right direction.

Back to my online business, at this point I’m now aware affiliate marketing is a thing but I’ve got no clue how it works and I know this.

Conscious Competence

This is the stage most of us spend most of our time in.

We are now consciously aware this thing exists and we know we don’t know what to do and we have to consciously think about everything we’re doing.

The baby starts growing up and learning skills. Each new skill brings more knowledge and keeps going through the stages.

In my online business this is where I spend most time because there’s always new things to learn. Once I’ve learnt one thing and it’s become a habit, I can move on to the next thing and start the cycle again. You will constantly be in this phase if you are constantly working on yourself and your business as this is the development phase.

Unconscious Competence

This is the stage where the thing you once knew nothing about is now such a habit you don’t even have to think about it anymore.

It comes so naturally that you do it almost on auto-pilot.

Every day I know exactly what I have to do in my online business and I get them done without even thinking about it. I’ve gotten so used to following a particular method that it just comes naturally.

Now to recap and put the picture into perspective.

competent and confident

At one point in time I knew nothing about the online marketing world and didn’t even have a clue it existed but I didn’t know I didn’t know because I had no idea I should know.

One day I stumbled across an opportunity and realised the world existed, but also realised I had no idea about it and no clue what to do as part of it.

As I got involved in this world I learnt new skills and constantly worked on becoming better. I stuck to the eight core commitments set by my company and followed these on a daily basis but each day I had to consciously think about these and remind myself what I had to do.

Until one day I got so used to doing all these things, after following the same steps day in and day out for so long, they became habits and I do them without even having to think about it anymore.

And there you have it, once you enter those final stages you start to become more competent and confident. You are competent because you’re learning and you know what you need to do, and you are confident because you know you’re competent. When you know you’re not competent then you’re not going to be very confident.

But the key is not to get so used to staying in the final stage. You want to be constantly learning new things and going through the process on a regular basis to ensure you don’t fall behind.

I hope you found this useful and are now able to identify which stages you’re at in your experiences.

Why not share in the comments below?

Much Love

Jade xo

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