The Day I Made My First Online Sale
The Day I Made My First Online Sale

March 14, 2016

Memories of my first online sale.

I still remember the day I made my first online sale like it was yesterday.

It was funny because it wasn’t long after I came home from the NZ mastermind and I had tried to put everything I’d learnt into practice in the short time (2 weeks) I had before I had to pack up again and leave for Boracay. I was also still going to work at my day job so was just fitting my online business in around everything else.

I didn’t even bring my laptop to Boracay because my boyfriend had already left two weeks before me and I was just excited to spend some quality time with him, so I didn’t want to be spending too much time working and knew having my laptop there would be dangerous.

I still had my phone and was able to connect to decent wifi most of the time so I was keeping my IG accounts up to date and posting on my Facebook as well.

One day we were sitting at our hotel waiting for breakfast and I was scrolling through my emails and saw it.

My very first online sale.

Actually not just one, but TWO sales.

There they were sitting in my inbox.

“Congratulations Jade! You have just referred a new affiliate…”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. It proved that everything I was taught worked, and that when you become consistent and have a daily plan, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Now those two sales were a big wake up call for me.

The next day I received another email saying I wouldn’t actually receive any commission for those sales because my subscription level wasn’t high enough.

I’d been toying with the idea of going ‘all in’ for a while but something kept holding me back. I just wasn’t quite ready to put in the money until I was seeing results.

But as soon as I made that first online sale, and missed out on my income, I knew it was time.

Pretty much the first thing I did when we landed back home was log on and confirm my status.

It’s amazing what happens once you go ‘all in’.

It’s not just going all in with money, it’s going all in with your mind, body and soul.

I’m now a lot clearer on what I can and will achieve with this system. I’m also a lot clearer on how I can help others reach their own goals. I’m more invested so I put in a lot more time and effort.

And ever since that happened, I’ve been getting more and more sales, because I’m attracting them to me.

I truly believe in the possibility of being successful and I will not give up.

So, my advice to you, whatever you do in life, go ALL IN! Make it happen for yourself, if you hang about on the edges thinking about whether you should do it or not, opportunities will pass you by.

Don’t be the one to miss out on something out of fear. Be brave and bold and go for what you want.

Want to join forces with me? Message me on Facebook and let’s chat.

Much Love

Jade xo

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