The Age of Digital Disruption

March 13, 2016

Digital Disruption…..Aarghhh it’s coming!

The question is, are you prepared for digital disruption?

I was at a PD Day earlier this week and one of the speakers showed us this…

digital disruption quote

Pretty self explanatory right? Did it resonate with you? It sure did resonate with me.

We are in an era of digital disruption. Knowledge and education is so much more accessible and in the next 1000 days more than 4 billion people will get online.

If you’re not open to change and not willing to learn new things you are guaranteed to be left behind.

Following on from my post yesterday, I hope you’ve realised by now that the digital revolution is real and digital disruption is always coming.

Anyone who thinks the traditional 9-5 concept is going to be around forever needs to wake up and look at the facts.

The world is changing and if you don’t start to change with it, you’re going to fall further and further behind.

Who’s with me??

Join my team today and avoid falling behind.

Much Love

Jade xo

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