F%#@ The Cage

March 5, 2016

I was watching this video yesterday and it really called out some major flaws in humans. We are so conditioned to routine and conforming that when we are presented with opportunities, they could be staring us right in the face and we wouldn’t even notice.

How scary is that?

Take this wild bear analogy for instance. A wild bear gets put in a cage and after time the fire dies and he gives up. Almost like someone being on the brink of depression. You’ve got no hope so you just do nothing all day. I know because I was there, thankfully I had a great support network to see me through and I was able to come out strongly, but not everyone is that lucky.

This is what a lot of humans do. We get so stuck in our day to day routine. Living in these ‘cages’ created by society – bad jobs,  bad relationships, bad experiences. We don’t particularly like them but we don’t know how to get out. One day someone may present us with an opportunity but we don’t even realise because we’re so worn and forlorn.

Well it’s time to say ‘f%4# the cage’ and do something you love.

Hopefully this video will compel you to do just that. If you’re ready to say ‘f%4# the cage’ click here to join my team.

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Hopefully I’ll speak to you soon.

Much Love

Jade xo

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