How Much Time Would You Invest In Your Future?

March 4, 2016

Today I want to inspire you think about what you would invest in your future.

How much time do you think is too much to invest in your future, in building a lifetime of happiness?

4 days
4 weeks
4 months
4 years

Whenever I speak to people one of the first questions they ask is ‘how long will it take me to…..?’

  • be successful?
  • make money?
  • quit my job?

You get the gist.

Well firstly, I can’t answer that because everyone is different. The amount of time it will take one person to achieve something is different to another person because it depends on their drive, commitment, coachability, circumstances, and so on.

But the truth is, this isn’t a question they should be asking at all.

Because if they’ve come to me in the first place it’s usually because they’re not satisfied with their current position and they want to achieve something more with their lives.

So the truth is, NO amount of time is TOO MUCH time when it’s your future at stake.

Some people think a few years is too long to build a business, but they stay in jobs they dislike for 30-40 years. Where’s the logic in that?

Yes, if it can be done in less, that’s great (and with hard work it can), but when you start saying something will take too long, or cost too much, think about what you’re really saying.

You’re sending the message that your dreams aren’t important enough for you to do whatever it takes, that it’s not important to invest in your future.

Are you really prepared to just give up on your dreams because it will take a bit of effort to make it happen?

If this is something you’ve ever caught yourself doing, I want you to stop it right now. Because time is precious and you only get one shot at life, so make sure you’re giving it everything you’ve got.

Yesterday I was actually reminded of just how precious life is.

I was leaving home and driving to a function yesterday. I was running late so I was already feeling a little flustered and to make matters worse I was wearing heels and they were making it difficult to drive. In a split irrational decision I decided to kick them off while I was driving and I lost my footing and instead of hitting the brakes, I hit the accelerator, just as I was coming up to a junction where there were cars coming from both ways and I went flying straight ahead. Lucky I managed to find the brake in time to not go crashing into the house ahead of me, and was able to swerve back on to the road. And lucky the other cars reacted quickly and stopped to let me pass. But in that few moments my life did briefly flash before my eyes and I was reminded of how precious life really is.

If something bad were to happen (heaven forbid), could you tell me you have done everything you wanted to do with your life?

Be honest here, because the only person you’re cheating if you lie, is YOU.

Time is ticking and it won’t slow down for you so make sure you are investing in yourself, and spending your time wisely.

If you want to know what I’m doing to change my life and live freely and happily check this out and join me if you wish. Our team will welcome you with open arms.

The choice is yours. The time is yours.

Time is a gift, start treating it like that.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

Much Love

Jade xo

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