It's All In The Mind - The Power Is In Your Thoughts
It’s All In The Mind

February 8, 2016

Your mind is the key to everything, it’s all in the mind.

Often people who get involved with network and affiliate marketing will get discouraged. For a lot of people this happens in the first few weeks, before they’ve even really given themselves a chance to succeed, but they don’t realise it’s all in the mind.

Because of the way they’re feeling, they will actually look for reasons to talk themselves out of continuing. This is a definite path to failing.

They might hear someone talk badly about the company they’ve joined.  That puts a little nugget of doubt in their minds so they start researching ‘is …. a scam?’ and because it’s the internet there will most likely be media about it so they begin to feed their doubts and second guess their involvement in the industry. I know because I’ve been there – think Isagenix & Herbalife.

The truth is, those companies just weren’t for me because I didn’t believe in the products. I’ve seen many people (even close friends) get great results and be extremely successful (in the health and business sides) with both products. But I didn’t enjoy living off shakes and for that reason I couldn’t sell the product, and so I talked myself out of being involved in them, it’s all in the mind my dears.

If you get involved in an internet marketing opportunity, the most important thing is to believe in the product you’re selling. Because when you do this, it’s easy to sell. If you feel good about the product you know you can be genuine and authentic when you’re telling people about it and they will pick up on this vibe and be more likely to trust you.

If you’re trying to sell a product you don’t even want to use yourself (like me with Isagenix & Herbalife) then you’ve got very little chance of being able to convince others of the benefits.

Another important thing is to fuel your mind with positivity. It’s all in the mind so learn to control the voice in your head and stop letting it tell you you can’t do this thing.

You were interested in this opportunity for a reason and you need to keep fuelling that desire and passion. This is why it’s so important to know your WHY and to keep revisiting this. Your mind is a powerful device and the sooner you take control over your thoughts and focus all your mental energy on what you want, the sooner you will succeed.

Imagine if you had poured a lot of time, money and energy into something, then you woke up one day and decided to give up because of a little piece of doubt. Little did you know, your breakthrough was right around the corner, you were just too blind to let it happen.

Do you want to be the quitter that didn’t let their dreams come true?


Do you want to be the winner that fully believed and brought their dreams to life?

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Remember, attitude is everything.

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Much Love

Jade xo

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