I Love Summer Days

February 8, 2016

Ohhh summer. How I love summer days.

Yesterday was one of those days where I was just so happy. I love summer days.

It’s a hot week at home with highs of 42 degrees celsius and lowest being 37 degrees celsius (summer has finally decided to show up properly).


Why am I so happy about this?

a) I love everything about summer – warmth, sunshine, longer days, more activities etc.

b) I have more time to enjoy it now.

I did a few hours work in the morning then my afternoon was spent lazing around a pool with some of my business partners, followed by a quick dip in the ocean. I love summer days.

It hit me just how happy and lucky I am to be able to have these moments and not be stuck in the confines of an office on beautiful days like this.

We were talking about being little kids and running through sprinklers, riding bikes around the streets, staying outside with the neighbours running amok until the streetlights turned on and it was our cue to go in for dinner. The carefree days when we had no worries in the world except to live and enjoy life. Those summers were probably still some of the greatest memories of my life.

Why am I telling you about those childhood memories? Because, inside I am still that carefree child and I’m finally realising how to let her out again. How to have fun, enjoy my life, and be free.


So many people spend the best hours of the day stuck inside four walls, office cubicles are ruling so many lives. But there is so much more to life than that.

For the time being I am still working my corporate job, but I’m no longer letting it dictate my life. I’m more in control and I’m making the rules. The knowledge that I don’t have much time left there has changed my attitude completely, don’t get me wrong, I still show up and do what I’m supposed to, but I no longer let people walk all over me. I do things on my terms. It’s amazing what a shift in mindset you have when you are so close to achieving your goals.

It’s just a matter of time before I’m truly set free and I’m more excited than I’ve ever been.

Want to know more about the system I’m using to set myself free?

If you’ve ever sat at your desk and caught your mind wandering to better places, now is the time to make a change. You don’t have to walk in tomorrow and quit your job. You can make the process of change as gradual or as fast as you want it to be. That’s the beauty of this system. You are totally in control of your future.

Who’s with me?

Click here if you’re ready to start today.

If you’re not that’s fine, feel free to connect with me on Facebook to share more of my adventures.

Have a great day and live free.

Much Love

Jade xo


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