It's Time To Get Uncomfortable
It’s Time To Get Uncomfortable

February 4, 2016

Sometimes it’s actually good to be feeling uncomfortable.

Have you ever felt really uncomfortable about a big decision in your life?

Lately I’ve been feeling a lot of new and different feelings which are sometimes uncomfortable, but the other day I came across this article which reminded me I’m on the right track.

It turns out, if you’re feeling pretty uncomfortable about something it’s actually a really good thing.

The article speaks of things like:

– Feeling Isolated From Others

– Having Difficulty Focusing on Tasks

– Feeling Restless and Anxious

– Irritability at Those You’re Close to

– Feeling Gripping Fear at Times

– A New Tendency to be Confrontational

– Becoming More Dissatisfied

– Feeling Lost

– Feeling a Strong Desire to Be Alone More Often

– Questioning Your Friendships

– Feeling Intense Sadness

– Dreading the Future

– Desiring for Things to Be Like They Used to be

– Strange and Intense Dreams

– Desire to Cut Off Romantic Relationships

Thankfully I haven’t gone through all of these emotions as that could get pretty draining, but I’ve experienced a fair few of them and it’s super comforting to know that these feelings are normal and the article made me even more certain that I’m definitely making the right decisions for me.

If you’ve ever felt this way this article might help you as well.

After all, YOU are the most important person so make sure you’re doing what’s right for you, even if it does feel uncomfortable at first.

It takes time to break old habits, to get used to new things, change your outlook. Just keep focusing on that inner voice, the one deep inside you that knows you’re doing the right thing. Once you get to the point where you really want to be, you’ll thank yourself for persevering.

Happy Friday & Much Love



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