Up In The Air, I Fly…

December 11, 2015

Up in the air, I fly, zoom zoom a zoom a zoom zoom

Did you ever hear that song as a kid? It’s funny the things that stick with us, some simple and random words, yet every time I’m on an aeroplane I find myself singing ‘Up in the air, I fly, zoom zoom zoom..’ in my head.

I think by now you’ve gathered how much I love to travel and it’s really cool when I think about this, because obviously, even as a kid, this is the sort of thing that stuck with me. Planes, travel, and flying.

I love airports. The bustle of people rushing between flights, watching people say their goodbyes or experiencing reunions, looking at the screens advising various flight times, hearing the sound of planes taking off.

They evoke all senses (ok so Perth isn’t quite like the big city airports, but it still brings me the same feeling, generally because I’m heading off on an adventure or seeing off a friend or family member on their adventures).

More than airports, I love flying.

I love planes. Up in the air, I fly…

I get such a rush every time I sit in a plane and the fasten seatbelt sign lights up as the cabin crew prepare for take off.

It’s not just the excitement of flying to another destination, I actually love the experience of take off and landing, the in between parts can sometimes be annoying – especially on those super long haul flights, but for the most part I’m a pretty good flyer. I actually enjoy flying alone, I see it as an opportunity to read books, watch movies and enjoy the me time.

Last night was no different, but to top off the experience I got to catch a beautiful sunset while I was flying out of Perth and six hours later awoke to an incredible sunrise as we were descending into Auckland. And for once I checked in early enough to score myself a window seat which made the views even more spectacular.

Pictures and words can’t do it justice. When I woke up there was a tinge of red in the sky and as we descended it got brighter and covered more of the sky as the clouds rolled on by.

Clouds and sunlight right in front of me, it was sheer beauty.

Speaking of clouds, do you ever wonder what it would be like to jump out and lay in them? Go running around in them?

They look so fluffy and inviting and when you’re flying above them it always seems like they’d actually be strong enough to hold a person.

These are the things I think about when I’m flying. My head really is in the clouds, but then we move down, and quick as anything they’re way above us again and I’m back on real land and have other things to get excited about.

My destination this time was Auckland but only briefly. I was there long enough to grab a coffee and a muffin before getting onto my bus heading for Rotorua.

I have four hours of travelling across beautiful green landscapes. Rolling hills and streams. Farmland and animals. Everything is so luscious and green. It’s exactly what I pictured New Zealand to be and I’m so glad I finally made it here. I can’t wait to share the rest of my adventure with you.

Stay tuned for more, this is just the beginning.

Much Love

Jade xo


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