Wandering – My Five Must See Places

December 9, 2015

Wandering – My Five Must See Places

I’ve touched on some of the travel destinations I really want to go to in previous posts but this time I’m going to provide more detail on my five must see places.

1.  Scandinavia – Finland, Norway & Sweden

When  I was a kid I thought Scandinavia was a cool place to go visit because I loved images of Vikings and wanted to learn more about their culture. Growing up my reasons have changed but the more images I see, the more I must go here. I love beautiful scenery. Every time I see a photo of these places they take my breath away. I want to experience the beauty. I want to be the one taking people’s breath away with my photos. I want to get up close to nature and take in it’s purity and I believe this is definitely the place to do so.

2. South Africa

This only came onto my radar in recent years. Through work I’ve met a few South Africans and they’ve told me about the beauty of the place. So I started doing some research and low and behold the place looks incredible. The movie Blended helped give the place some good press as well. Not to mention how cool it would be to do an African Safari and get up close and personal with some of the most amazing animals in the world – I  could meet Simba in real life!! Wow! Definitely on my must see list.

3. Egypt

Ever since we learnt about Ancient Egypt in primary school I have wanted to visit this magical place. The history behind the pyramids and treasures you can discover here have always awed me. I was so close to going in 2012, it was going to be the first stop before my European adventure, but unfortunately due to all the conflict going on, my dad wouldn’t let me book it. One day I will make it here.

4. Hawaii (or any tropical island for that matter)

Amazing scenery, relaxation, beaches, crystal waters, palm trees, hula girls, sea-creatures, surfing, everything you could want. Nothing more really needs to be said about Hawaii, it’s the ultimate destination and somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. Watching the movie Blue Crush as a teenager sealed the deal for me, the laid-back surfer lifestye (if I could overcome my fear of waves) would be the greatest.

5. Central America – Mexico, Cuba, Panama

Great food, vibrant lifestyle, colourful cities and more amazing scenery. Who wouldn’t want to visit these places?


And there you have it – my top five must see places. As you can see I’m a lover of beautiful scenery and landscapes and also wish to experience diverse cultures. I would love to know your thoughts. Are any of my places in your top list? Do you have any different ideas or reasons for going to places or any completely different places to me? Comment below.

This post is in response to a daily wordpress prompt – The Wanderer

Much Love

Jade xo

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