Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

December 2, 2015

Have you ever just wanted to disappear? A true now you see me, now you don’t moment…

What if it could be as simple as saying those words. Now you see me, now you don’t…

Have you ever been somewhere you just didn’t want to be, and wished you could disappear without anyone noticing? This topic suits me so perfectly as  I feel like that quite regularly, mostly when I am at work.
















Picture this, it’s Monday morning and your boss has called an early morning meeting, you’re there in person but your mind is elsewhere (for me it’s generally sipping cocktails on a Caribbean island). How cool would it be if instead of this just being in your mind, you could actually transport yourself there?

Well now you can, what would you do? I would definitely just use my super power to escape work and travel. Time stands still each time I disappear  yet I’m gone for days or weeks at a time. Each time I come back refreshed and invigorated and my performance is at an all time high because I’m constantly recharging.

This week I’m going to a tropical island. I’m going to lay in a hammock overlooking the white sands and ocean. I’m surrounded by beautiful palm trees and the sun beams down on me through the leaves.  I’m catching up on all the books I’ve been meaning to read. I’m going to explore wondrous, crystal clear waters that lead into caverns and grottos filled with treasures. Waterfalls crashing over me,  pounding away the real world of work and deadlines. The island is pretty isolated so I have everything to myself.

It’s like a trip to Neverland, time at home stands still, I don’t age during that time and I can go wherever and whenever I want. Life is just amazing. I have the most incredible adventures, all while I’m apparently back home working.

Now I’m awake….I’m still here and it’s time for work. But not for too much longer, I’ve found a way to turn that dream of disappearing into a reality and I would love to share it with you. Click here if you want to know more.

I’ll see you on a  tropical island somewhere soon.

Much Love

Jade xo


**Please note, there are affiliate links in this post. The services I have recommended throughout are the services I personally use and honestly recommend to anyone wishing to start a business of their own. No extra costs are incurred for you; the referral commission simply contributes to bringing you valuable content.  The links have changed since the post was originally written as I have now found a service that suits me better, and I believe will be the same for you.

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